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Little Italy

Known as one of the most colorful and lively areas of San Diego, Little Italy, is a scenic area with streets loaded with delicious Italian restaurants, home design shops, art galleries, and residences. Though it used to be and still somewhat is a mostly Italian community, Little Italy has become a popular and therefore, more pricey and diverse, neighborhood to move into. Little Italy is kept clean and well groomed by the Little Italy Neighborhood Association.

Located in the northern part of Downtown, next to Columbia to the north and Middletown to the south, Little Italy is close to many fun spots in town and is conveniently located near the trolley.

Originally created as a home for Italian Fisherman who relocated to San Diego after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, there still exists a rather tight-knit community in the area. This community holds several annual events, mostly dedicated to celebrating its Italian heritage, that bring a feeling of community and a happy atmosphere to the area. Events such as the Little Italy Carnevale in February, the April Art Walk, Festivale Siciliano in May, and Precious Festa in October attract large crowds, often pushing 100,000 and are each a fun, lively event well worth a visit.

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